What They Say

"As in most cases, claims for radiant barriers that sound too good to be true are too good to be true."

- Florida Solar Energy Center

Real-world Examples of Sales Pitches:

"[Our product] has earned the ENERGY STAR® label and help you save energy and lower utility bills." (Editor's note: While the product may lower your utility bills, it will not likely be by enough to cover the cost of installation, particularly in the northeastern United States.)

"Whether you live in Florida, California, Maine or Minnesota, the installation of an aluminum Attic Radiant Barrier will drastically reduce your attic heat gain." (Editor's note: Particularly if you live in Maine or Minnesota, "drastic" is a stretch. Savings will not likely be significant enough to cover the cost of installation.)

"New Hampshire radiant barriers are based upon space age technology." (Editor's note: Radiant barriers are similar to a product used in space, but heat flows differently here on Earth. More info on why the space-age argument doesn't hold up here.)

The Facts:

You may have heard such outlandish claims from salesmen telling you that you can save a bunch of money on your energy bills by having a radiant barrier installed. Simply put, as the Florida Solar Energy Center quotation above reminds us, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't true.