Radiant Barriers May Interfere with Cell Phone Reception.

radiant barrierGreen Building Advisor recently published an article discussing whether radiant barriers may interfere with cell phone reception.

The conclusion? Radiant barriers and other foil-faced building products probably have some negative effect on cell phone reception, although it's most likely minor.

The article was written by Martin Holladay, one of the country's most respected experts in the field of building science and green building. After looking at statements from radiant barrier manufacturers, cell phone companies, and other building experts, he concludes: 

"I’ll attempt to integrate the information I gathered into a preliminary conclusion: Foil-faced building materials can probably interfere with cell phone reception, but only in homes that have relatively weak cell phone reception to begin with. Most people who live in homes with foil-faced building materials do not have cell phone reception problems."

Have any experience with a radiant barrier interfering with cell phone reception? We'd love to hear your story.


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I'll tell you, we have

I'll tell you, we have installed radiant barrier foil in many homes and we have tested out cell phone signal, and as you say, haven't noticed any significant loss of signal that is even notable. Now some homes that were built back in the 1970's even without a RB application you get horrible reception as if the walls were lined with lead! Either way, it's going to be a case by case situation as to whether RB is going to affect signal after being installed, but i believe the chances are really low. Just my two cents.

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